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Boat Control Systems
Boat Control Systems The true potential and sensation of the Humphree system is provided through a number of automatic control options. Designed to meet the high demands from boat builders working with the cutting edge of technology to improve performance, comfort and fuel efficiency.
Interceptors Interceptors in general are an efficient device to optimise running trim for low wave resistance, reduced fuel consumption and improved performance. The Humphree Interceptor has a low weight and a robust design. It is suitable for both mono hull and catamaran application, in planing and semi-planing speeds.
Steering Assitance
Steering Assitance Water jet powered boats experience significant power losses when deflecting the complete thrust force to steer the vessel. These power losses results in higher fuel consumption and speed loss during the turn but with Humphree Interceptor Steering Assistance this can be avoided. Deploying a few millimetres of Interceptor generates the same steering force but significantly less power loss than deflecting the jet thrust flow.
Stabilising Fin Systems
Stabilising Fin Systems Combining Humphree’s market leading ultra-fast electric interceptors with our NEW state of the art 24V DC electric powered fin stabilisers Humphree delivers a game changing package where both roll, pitch and yaw motions are controlled by one system.The system will control the trim of the boat for best performance and lowest fuel burn when the boat is in operation. It will stabilise roll motions at all speeds using a combination of interceptors and fins.
Fixed Fins
Fixed Fins The Humphree Course Stabilising Fixed Fins are mounted to the hull bottom close to the transom in order to improve course keeping characteristics of the boat. Consequently, the fins reduce losses associated with excessive yaw motions and correcting actions of the steering system, while adding only a minimal of resistance. The fins are specially designed to avoid cavitation related problems at higher speed.
Vessel Motion Monitoring
Vessel Motion Monitoring Humphree Vessel Motion Monitoring (VMM) offers live data of vessel motions for effective vessel operation with minimum fatigue on crew and vessel during transit and landing/docking. With possibilities to measure and record accelerations, the system can display a number of valuable parameters such as seasickness index, average/peak impacts and heave at specific locations in the vessel.

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