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Interceptors Interceptors
Interceptors in general are an efficient device to optimise running trim for low wave resistance, reduced fuel consumption and improved performance. The Humphree Interceptor has a low weight and a robust design. It is suitable for both mono hull and catamaran application, in planing and semi-planing speeds.
The installation is easy, with a minimum of pre-work needed, and with  low maintenance due to the corrosion free materials and simple design. Interceptors are powered by a watertight, state of the art electric actuator, placed on the inside of the transom for easy access and excellent protection.

Standart Interceptors

Interceptor Series Standard 

The Standard Interceptors series uses a blade deployment of maximum 50 mm and is offered in sizes from 350 mm to 1500 mm widths, in steps of 50 mm. With a possibility to mount two or more Interceptors to one hull, they are suitable for boats ranging from approximately 30 ft. upto 200ft.

Extended Interceptors

Interceptor Series Extended

The Extended Interceptor series uses a blade deployment of maximum 75 mm and is offered in sizes from 750 mm to 1500 mm widths. This makes them useful for boats ranging from approximately 60 ft. and larger and appropriate for both planing and semi-planing hulls.
The Extended series are especially suitable when the space available is limited and much stern lift is required. The additional lift force generated by the Extended Interceptor is also preferred for maximum performance with Active Ride Control.

Custom Interceptors

Interceptor Series Customshapedto fit anytransom

All Humphree Interceptors can be custom shaped to fit anyboat. This makes them possible to install over propeller tunnels or adopted for any other curvature where straight Interceptors do not match the hull curvature properly.

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