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Steering Assitance Steering Assitance

Vertical Side Mounted Interceptors

Water jet powered boats experience significant power losses when deflecting the complete thrust force to steer the vessel. These power losses results in higher fuel consumption and speed loss during the turn but with Humphree Interceptor Steering Assistance this can be avoided. Deploying a few millimetres of Interceptor generates the same steering force but significantly less power loss than deflecting the jet thrust flow.
The system, involving vertically installed transom Interceptors in combination with water jet propulsion, enables Interceptor steering with fixed neutral jet buckets for smaller steering commands. For larger steering commands a combination of Interceptors and water jet deflection will result in increased steering force and reduced turning radius.
Interceptor Steering results in a faster response to a steering command, giving a straighter course, improved fuel economy, better control, increased comfort and less wear of the water jet steering gear. The system can easily be integrated with any autopilot and water jet, and can be used as in an emergency steering backup mode for increased safety.
The steering force from the Humphree steering Interceptor typically corresponds to a bucket deflection of between 5 and 15 degrees. For larger steering commands the water jet buckets will start to deflect and the Interceptors will contribute with up to 50 percent increased steering force at speeds.
• Secondary boat steering system
• Integration with anywater jet brand
• Integration with any autopilot
• Improved fuel economy
• Better course keeping
• Less wear of water jet gears
• Higher maintained speed while turning
• Improved turning Radius


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