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Stabilising Fin Systems Stabilising Fin Systems

Integrated Electrical Fin Stabilizers for Monohulls

Fin Stabilizers

Combining Humphree’s market leading ultra-fast electric interceptors with our NEW state of the art 24V DC electric powered fin stabilisers Humphree delivers a game changing package where both roll, pitch and yaw motions are controlled by one system.The system will control the trim of the boat for best performance and lowest fuel burn when the boat is in operation. It will stabilise roll motions at all speeds using a combination of interceptors and fins. The integration also provides a new level of comfort during turns with Humphree’s Coordinated Turn functionality. This is the new generation!
Stabilisation without a genset engine
As this new system is 100% powered by 24V DC, the system can be operated without keeping a genset engine running while underway. The main engine alternator will be enough to charge the batteries powering the system. Less noice, less fuel burn.
A smart, safe and easy installation
A smart solution using 24V DC power means that no large and heavy AC power box has to be installed and no hydraulic hoses or pumps are needed. Once the actuators are in place, simply connect to the DC power. All communication cables are delivered in the package with plug and play watertight connectors. Plug and play.
Stabilisation at all speeds
The combined fin and interceptor system provides full roll stabilisation at all speeds, from zero and low speeds all the way up to top speed. Compared to other systems in the market, this unique combination of interceptors and fins also stabilise both roll and pitch motions underway. Enjoy the maximum comfort of the new generation!
Sturdy and robust, low built in height and remarkably low weight
The new sturdy patented servo actuators are extremely compact. The space requirement inside the vessel is less than the most compact hydraulic fin stabilizer systems on the market. A depth of only 310mm from exterior mounting flange. Also, compared to the competition, the Humphree system is at least 25%, and typically, 50% less weight than other systems.
Underwater replacable fin, designed for safety
In the event of a fin strike, the fin is engineered to break away while maintaining the integrity of the hull structure. Furthermore, the unique flange mount design allows for a new fin to be installed underwater without the need to haul the vessel. Practical, smart, safe, Humphree is intelligent engineering.

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