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Vessel Motion Monitoring Vessel Motion Monitoring


VMM - Vessel Motion Monitoring

Humphree Vessel Motion Monitoring (VMM) offers live data of vessel motions for effective vessel operation with minimum fatigue on crew and vessel during transit and landing/docking. With possibilities to measure and record accelerations, the system can display a number of valuable parameters such as seasickness index, average/peak impacts and heave at specific locations in the vessel.
The Standard system features high frequency accelerometers located in a Humphree Sensor Unit which accurately measures vessel motions in all axes. The Control Panel clearly displays momentarily readings in a large colour display.
During operation transit mode will indicate how the sea condition is affecting crew and passengers onboard. With an illustrative seasickness index in the control panel along with live hull impact data the operator is given valuable information of current sea state and if actions should be taken to ensure a safer and more comfortable ride.
For more advanced measuring additional sensors can be added to increase the number of measuring points onboard.
When approaching a landing/docking scenario, it is crucial to review the surrounding conditions in order to ensure a safe operation.
Having an additional Landing Sensor Unit located at the bow, the system will provide data of current vessel heave and horizontal impact accelerations, all to give the operator a better judgment for best possible vessel operation.
A recorder can be added to the VMM system which will record vessel motions. With recorded vessel data, thorough analyses can be done at a later stage and can for example be used to evaluate and ensure the safety of the vessel’s operations.



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