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Profjord is a company providing high level hydrodynamic solutions, design and product managing.
Profjord is well experience in design and optimization for high performance hulls and appendages. For optimization Profjord utilizes state of the art techniques as CFD calculations
Profjord  provides high level competence in hydrodynamic design and product development for the marine industry.
Our experience in the field starts from 1992 with numerous successful designs and products on the market designed  and developed by Profjord.
Profjord offers engineering skills in hydrodynamics, design and project managing with a dedicated and innovative team providing efficient product development.

Advanced Appendage Design
When designing high performance marine crafts such as high speed workboats, motor yachts or large offshore patrol vessels, the details are essential. Problems related to sea chest inlets, exhaust outlets or other appendages often lead to a significant increase in project cost and lead time. PROFJORD offers their customers advanced design solutions to ensure performance and secure quality.

Sea Chest Inlet Design
• High speed capacity
• Cavitation free
• Low noise
• Minimum drag
• Minimum wake
• No protruding parts
In 2003 PROFJORD performed an extensive investigation in a pro-ject that required a sea chest that could operate at 70 knots with minimum wake and no cavitation. Optimization was done using unique adopted CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) code and the final design was verified through model tests. The final product was proved to operate outstanding in speeds even exceeding 70 knots. Furthermore it was found that the design could be applied for all high performance water crafts with excellent results. PROFJORD’s sea chests also works well if even when positioned just forward of the waterjet inlets due to the minimum wake generated. Since 2003 PROFJORD have close to 100 sea chest inlet designs in operation and references ranges from high performance sail yachts to ultra-high speed vessels.

For the design, input data like cooling water flow rate at zero speed and full vessel speed as well as preferred position of the sea chest inlet are required.
With these input calculation simulations can be performed in order to determine optimal size and geometry of the sea chest inlet design. As a second step the PROFJORD in-house CFD software is applied to verify the high speed performance.

Underwater Exhausts Outlet Design
• Controlled exhaust back pressure
• Reduced noise
• Low drag
• No protruding parts
• Small dimensions

PROFJORD has worked many years with underwater exhaust outlets together with shipyards and boat builders to find best possible design for specific projects. With the help of advanced two phase flow CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) calculations PROFJORD has developed a method to design underwater exhaust outlet based on a variety of customer requirements. Focus can be on achieving the right back pressure or having an outlet design with smallest possible dimensions or lowest noise.
The design of the exhaust scoop is of high importance. It is not uncommon that the scoop is oversized in relation to overall design and engine requirements which will not only create excessive drag but also potential problems like pulsation and too low engine exhaust back pressure. Therefore, PROFJORD puts extra effort in the design of the scoop so that correct back pressure and minimum drag is attained.
Because the design is customized for each specific vessel, PROFJORD’s underwater exhaust outlet can be suitable for a wide range of vessels and the design has been proven on large military OPV’s as well as on several high performance motor yachts.

Information needed for the exhaust outlet design is engine exhaust volume, exhaust temperature, preferred position of outlet and the typical operating speed of the vessel. With these inputs the exhaust outlet geometry is customized for the specific vessel. Analyses with in-house CFD software will be made to ensure the high speed performance.


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