Sinerji Denizcilik & Humphree
Sinerji Denizcilik is the Distributor of Swedish Humphree AB, for Middle East and Turkey Markets Sinerji is carrying out its activites for navy boats, Commercial boats and Recreational pleasure crafts in order to optimise their riding dynamics and superior stability on board.
Humphree is dedicated to providing “Speed at sea” through innovative technology solutions for high performance vessels. Humphree Founded by a team of hydrodynamicists and marine engineers, active in the field of marine high-speed propulsion and ship hydrodynamics since the early 1990’s, the Humphree AB was formed in 2001 to provide cutting-edge products and services tailored to unlock the true potential of all types of fast vessels – new or existing.
Humphree’s exclusive portfolio involve innovative use of interceptors; systems for optimising vessels’ running trim,optimising list and maneuvering , reducing pitch and roll motion, sub-cavitating stabilising fins, base-ventilated stabilising fins at all speeds integrated fin stabilizers are available both for monohulls and catamaranns, Electrical rudders for waterjet applications.


HUMPHREE - Active Ride Control

HUMPHREE Interceptor Steering Assistance

HUMPHREE by BME - Automatic List Control

HUMPHREE - Automatic Trim Control

Humphree Automatic Functions

HUMPHREE Interceptor Steering Assistance

Humphree Functions

Humphree Stabilizing Fins at zero speed