Included with all our trim systems

Automatic trim control delivers perfect running trim at all times. Having the optimum running trim of your vessel means best performance, faster acceleration and fuel savings.

If your vessel runs with high trim it is likely that you are using too much fuel and not getting the speed that you could do. With Humphree Automatic Trim Control you will always have the optimum trim on your boat, with out the need of adjusting the trim system manually.

Automatic Trim Control is included with all our systems.
Features• Automatic control of running trim
• Easy set up in control panel
Benefits• Improved fuel economy, visibility and speed
• Faster acceleration

Turn Control
For numerous applications the heel angle when turning can be significantly improved to obtain higher speed and increased comfort. The Coordinated Turn Control automatically adjusts the heeling angle of the boat during turns to reduce the side forces for people on board.

The system continuously monitors the rudder position during the turn and the Interceptor blade movement is thus automatically coordinated with the rudder movement. With a controlled heel angle, higher turning speeds and better comfort can be achieved.

Turning ability
The boat’s turning ability can also be significantly improved as a result of the steering force created by the Interceptor which increases the yaw motion of the boat. Coordinated Turn Control can be combined with Automatic Trim and Automatic List Control, or with Active Ride Control for maximum comfort on board.

Automatic roll and pitch stabilisation
While operating in open seas boats are constantly exposed to waves that will cause roll and pitch motions resulting in reduced comfort on board. With Humphree Active Ride Control system the Interceptors are instantly actuated to provide lift which counteracts these motions and at the same time optimises the running trim and list angle – all in one system.

The system includes a Ride Control Unit (RCU) which consists of an advanced digital controller with unique adaptive control algorithms and an advanced sensor package which uses a combination of GPS, gyro and accelerometers to measure 3D rate of turn and ship accelerations.

Eliminate seasickness and fatigue
The combination of responsive electric actuated Interceptors and sophisticated Humphree Active Ride Control provides an efficient ride control system for boats of any sizes, operating from semi-displacing to planing speeds.

In the Humphree control panel the system is easily activated or deactivated with a single button press. Since the Humphree Active Ride Control system will retract the Interceptors automatically when not needed, there is no added hull resistance when the system is deactivated. This is unique among marine stabilisation systems.

HUMPHREE integrates Interceptor steering to high speed ferries to significantly improve fuel savings and course keeping for waterjet propelled vessels.

The traditional means of steering with redirecting the thrusting force from the waterjet and have the autopilot to constantly correct this to keep a steady course can now be significantly improved with an assisting Interceptor steering.

Not only the thrust losses from the redirection of the waterjet is cancelled but the controls of the vessel is improved due to a more direct response to the steering.

The interceptor will provide a steering force immediately once deployed and give the waterjet propelled vessel a much straighter course compared to its usually snaky track.

The obvious and proven benefits in speed increase, fuel savings and savings on waterjet steering gears are appreciated by the Commercial operators.

The fuel savings have been documented to be between 3-5%. In Navy applications the tactical diameter and advance is of strategic importance and will also be improved.

Stay on even keel
Uneven loading, cross winds and varying conditions will normally cause the boat to list. When running in a straight course, Automatic List Control will correct the boat list to a preset target list angle, usually zero degrees.

This can be changed by the operator to intentionally list the boat. When the boat enters a turn the system will allow the boat to heel naturally during the turn and once the boat has left the turn the system will continue to correct the boat to the preset target list angle.